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Avast! The whole web n’ Pirate! The Pirate Web Browser be takin’ th’ landlubbers postin’s an’ translatin’ t’ Pirate Speak! Pull yer anchors and raise yer sails on th’ web wi’ the Pirate Web Browser! Arrr!

✓ Pirate Translation: Translates Landlubber English o’ all yer favorite scrawls (blogs), tales (news) sites, an’ many more into the farrr superior Pirate Speak!
✓ Make everyday International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
✓ Confuse Your Dear Ol’ Mum, Mateys, and Yer Crew: Let ‘em landlubbers sail th’ web wi’ yer device an’ confound them scurvy dogs!

We be a th’ scourge o’ th’ seven seas but it be no reason to be pillaging yarr own crew! Yer app booty be good fer th’ iPhone, iPod Touch, an’ the iPad wi’ a single pillage! Fer ye pirates sittin’ pretty wi’ yonder eyeball display, we be havin’ support fer that too!

Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us me mateys! Sunday September 19th be th’ day o’ reckoning, so be lettin’ the web speak to ye like a pirate wi’ th’ Pirate Web Browser! Arrr!

Customer’s be Sayin’

“Arrgh! I had to walk out of church today because I was laughing so hard. I use Biblegateway for my Bible in church and I opened it with your app. The NLT version of Titus is hilarious.” Disclaimer! Be Not Baisin’ Yer Faith on Pirate Speak! Religious Translat’n May Be Offensive!

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